Welcome to the Future of Enterprise Go-To-Market.

Tribyl is a Customer Intelligence Platform that uses A.I. to automatically extract and share tribal knowledge behind why and how your customers buy (and stay), driving profitable revenue growth.

why tribyl?


Per CSO Insights, 47% Reps missed quota in 2017 (up from 42% in 2013).  CXO tenures are shortening.  As a Revenue leader, if getting more out of your sales and marketing spend is proving harder than ever, you’re not alone.  


While CRMs track wins and losses, tribal knowledge on why and how your customers buy (and stay) is often fragmented across workflows and tools.  Most Enterprises struggle to get their Reps to document and share this valuable information. 

Tribyl eliminates tribal knowledge friction by automatically codifying wins and losses into actionable stories.  New and mid-performing Reps get just-in-time insights on what ‘A’ reps ask, say, and do to move similar deals forward, driving productivity.  Management gets actionable win/loss analysis, improving Go-to-Market alignment

Welcome to the future of Enterprise Go-to-Market.  Say hello to profitable revenue growth!

why now?

Buyers expect more from Reps today -- from help in deciphering new technology paradigms, to guidance on how to make purchase decisions.  To succeed, Reps need a deep understanding of their prospect's fast-changing business, and how similar customers buy. But how does a Rep become a domain expert AND execute like a pro in just 4 quarters? 

Targeted Discovery
Tailored Value Proposition
Flawless execution

Successful Reps don’t hesitate to learn from their peers. While shoulder tapping works, it is not scalable. Traditional sales enablement approaches to curate knowledge are falling behind too -- lack of fresh stories, stale or generic playbooks, poor win/loss insights, not enough coaching, and "too much noise and process" are becoming all too common complaints.


Tribyl is Netflix for your Sales and Marketing teams.  Its purpose-built A.I. generates fresh and bite-sized content that distills your organizational knowledge on why and how similar customers buy.  Your Reps and Go-To-Market teams will love binging on Tribyl!. 

our value proposition

According to CSO Insights, organizations with dynamic customer journey alignment achieve an 8% increase in quota attainment. What if all GTM roles and workflows could benefit from fresh and relevant Buyer intelligence?   What if you could consolidate silo’ed tools and deliver a better user experience, while you are at it? The Tribyl platform is designed to help secure quick wins, while allowing you to scale across the use cases below.



Tribyl is a Buyer Intelligence Platform that codifies each win/loss into a self-learning Playbook.  Its purpose-built A.I. analyzes unstructured data (emails, documents, voice, notes, and more) and infers the end-to-end buying journey.  Tribyl then disseminates this intelligence across the Funnel, enabling Reps and GTM teams to replicate wins and minimize losses.

Generate fresh stories

Reduce ramp time and grow Sales Qualified Pipeline with relevant and recent win stories, created automatically, with play-by-play detail 

Plan conversations

Surface high value pain points by asking the right questions. Overcome objections with proven pro-tips.  Tailor Value Proposition based on similar wins.

Analyze wins/losses

Ensure data-driven GTM alignment. Improve campaign performance, align product roadmap, tailor enablement plans.  Make QBRs productive.

Move deals forward

Improve win rates and reduce sales cycle time by providing just-in-time alerts to Reps and managers on what to say, ask, do, or expect, based on similar deals

Build more pipeline

Make ‘land and expand’ predictable by equipping account teams with proven buying signals and persona intelligence, based on purchase triggers for similar customers

Create learning paths

Equip first line managers with data-driven insights into how Reps are executing against the buying process. Design individualized coaching plans. Reduce attrition. 

ai 2.0

A.I. in Enterprise Sales is not a novel idea.  However, most A.I. 1.0 solutions today rely on structured data, which lacks context.  Consider this: a product has 3 Use Cases. Tribal knowledge would have told us that each use case has a different win rate: 10%, 30%, 75%.  Should a Rep new to selling the product pursue a deal involving the 10% Use Case? How would the Rep even know?

Context matters

Go beyond analyzing existing structured data (the 'what'), to include insights buried in unstructured data (the 'why' and the 'how')

User first

Think first principles.  What does the User need to succeed?  What drives behavior and motivation? Reimagine UX to deliver 10x experiences and outcomes.

No black box

AI = Augmented Intelligence. A human loop is important to capture feedback and to build trust.  We make the human-machine interaction seamless, intuitive, and fun.

No shortcuts

While it’s alluring, flipping the switch and getting 10x outcomes is a rarity.  The A.I. needs to learn your business context and language. We make it easy, but learning is a fact of life and it takes some time.


Tribyl has 3 technical building blocks:  secure data ingest, knowledge extraction, and knowledge dissemination.  Tribyl uses a combination of supervised and unsupervised NLP/ML techniques for knowledge harvesting & delivers contextually relevant insights, through a variety of channels . Tribyl is built to scale from a few use cases/few users to full enterprise.

what's inside?

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